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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-02-18 Bad Things 55:35
  Darlene Cohen

2002-02-18 The Tides Of Conceiving 60:19
  Carol Wilson
Insight as a shift of perception--How our perceptions give rise to thoughts, associations, interpretations--the whole realm of papanca and suffering. Not to be caught in papanca is to be at peace.

2002-02-16 Clear Comprehension: The Context For Practice 57:37
  James Baraz
Mindfulness as bare attention is supported and developed by bringing the content of clear comprehension, or full awareness, into practice. This includes clear comprehension of purpose, of suitability, of domain of meditation, and of reality.

2002-02-13 Consolation 1:11:32
  Sylvia Boorstein

2002-02-12 Reporting To The Mother Ship: Wonder, Awe, Interest, Investigation 61:04
  James Baraz
While Dharma practice takes courage to open to suffering, one also can bring a spirit of wonder and awe to the quality of investigation. We can open to the moment with interest, discovering reality in a fresh, new way.

2002-02-09 Benefits Of Metta Practice 62:25
  Carol Wilson
The qualities of metta-lovingkindness-the essence of metta is simply connection. Exploring the habits of mind that obscure the natural recognition of non-separation which are desire and ill-will.

2002-02-04 Contentment With Awareness 53:37
  Carol Wilson
Learning how to shift our motivation from wanting results to appreciating awareness.

2002-02-03 The Happiness of the Buddha 52:53
  Howard Cohn

2002-02-03 The Joy In Renunciation 56:22
  Guy Armstrong
Renunciation of the activities and relationships in our daily life is one of the chief supports of meditative deepening on retreats. Because renunciation is the active practice of non-desire, it leads to greater peace and happiness.

2002-01-30 All is Suffering, All is Compassion 62:44
  Sylvia Boorstein

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