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Adrianne Ross's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Adrianne Ross
Adrianne Ross, MD, has been involved with meditation and healing since 1978 and has offered retreats in Canada and the US since 1995. She also teaches MBSR to people with chronic pain and illness.
2015-06-03 Working with Difficult Mind States 54:13
How to work with difficult energies so that we can be present, balanced and open through all experience and act from wisdom rather than reaction.
Essential Teachings of the Path of Awakening
2014-08-22 Seven Factors of Awakening 61:25
How the seven factors of awakening develop in our practice and bring balance, ease, joy and liberating insight.
Concentration Retreat
2014-08-18 Morning Instructions, Day 3 56:37
Jhanas, Connecting and Sustaining
Concentration Retreat
2014-08-16 Introduction to Metta for Concentration Retreat 47:43
Friendliness to Body and Mind
Concentration Retreat
2013-11-18 Freedom from the Conceit: I Am 53:51
Explores becoming and self identity - the greater cause of happiness is freedom from the conceit I am.
Exploring Awareness
2013-08-20 Good Enough Samadhi 55:34
Bringing a stable, steady and compassionate mind into our daily lives as well as continuing to cultivate and develop balance and ease amidst life.
Concentration Retreat
2013-08-16 Morning Instructions Day 4 50:34
Concentration Retreat
2013-08-15 Jhana Factors & Hindrances 61:45
Development and cultivation of Jhana Factors as supports for concentration and as antidotes to difficult mind states.
Concentration Retreat
2013-08-13 Morning Instructions - Day 1 59:12
Concentration Retreat
2013-01-02 Factors of Awakening - Concentration 59:02
Developing wise concentration leading to liberating wisdom.
New Year's Retreat

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