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Adrianne Ross's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Adrianne Ross
Adrianne Ross, MD, has been involved with meditation and healing since 1978 and has offered retreats in Canada and the US since 1995. She also teaches MBSR to people with chronic pain and illness.
2012-12-28 Factors of Awakening - Investigation 57:12
How balanced investigation reveals things as they really are, bringing energy to our practice and ways of developing skilful inquiry.
New Year's Retreat
2011-08-13 Afternoon Session Part 3 - Not Only That 1:18
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2011-01-05 The Mirror of Mindfulness 52:33
The mirror of minfulness shows us things as they are. Mindfulness grounded in the body brings the stability to know this.
Essential Dharma
2011-01-01 Four Wise Efforts 54:49
Recognizing and transforming difficulties and developing and cultivating all the beautiful qualities of mind.
New Year's Retreat
2010-12-28 Rejecting and Allowing 53:34
Explaining the ways we reject experience and developing the capacities that support unconditional acceptance of ourselves and others.
New Year's Retreat
2009-05-17 The Song and Heart of Metta 55:07
Concentration Retreat
2009-05-13 Seven Factors of Awakening 55:09
How the seven factors of awakening support and balance our practice bringing joy, ease and wisdom.
Concentration Retreat
2009-03-24 Wise Intention II 59:34
How moment-to-moment awareness of the 3 wise intentions leads to wise action and happiness.
Insight Meditation March Month Long
2009-03-17 Rivers of Wisdom 50:49
How seeing the Five Aggregates as unsatisfactory, impermanence and not self leads to liberation.
Insight Meditation March Month Long
2009-03-10 Parami of Viriya 57:52
Courageous energy, passion for truth. Working with different energy states and blocks.
Insight Meditation March Month Long

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