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Adrianne Ross's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Adrianne Ross
Adrianne Ross, MD, has been involved with meditation and healing since 1978 and has offered retreats in Canada and the US since 1995. She also teaches MBSR to people with chronic pain and illness.
2009-03-03 The First Parami - Generosity 51:24
Generosity is the best path to liberation. Giving and receiving is a practice on retreat.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation March Month Long
2008-12-30 Generosity 58:31
The beautiful gifts of pure presence, acceptance and relinquishing as antidotes to greed, aversion and delusion as a pathway to liberation.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center New Years Retreat
2008-08-25 Bringing The Practice Home 56:49
An end of retreat talk: Practice and principles to bring our insights and practice into our lives. Includes wise intention, renunciation, loving kindness and balanced effort and mindfulness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Concentration
2008-08-19 Development Of Five Jhanic Factors And Antidotes To Hindrances 57:25
Development of the five jhanic factors to support concentration practice and explanation of their use as antidotes to the hindrances.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Concentration
2007-11-12 Compassion 46:28
Compassion as a verb. Blocks to compassion and ways through.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Path of Engagement, Retreat 2
2006-06-22 Opening The Heart Center 54:20
Awakening the qualities of lovingkindness, compassion and joy - reconnecting with true nature as a path to freedom.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-03-24 Patience 52:18
The value of patience through all shapes of the path.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-03-19 Anatta 51:58
Identification and becoming.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2005-04-27 Velcro Mind, Teflon Mind, Releasing Difficult Emotion 59:10
How to work with and transform difficult mind states and emotions.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)
2004-12-28 Direct Experience Of The Five Faculties 31:22
How the Five Faculties of conviction, right effort, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom, when developed and nourished, can lead to awakening. An invitation to directly experience each faculty and bring them into balance in our lives.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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