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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
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2017-09-15 Meeting What Is With Awareness & Kindness 50:55
  Mark Coleman
Insight Meditation for the Curious

2017-09-13 The Two Arrows 2 66:08
  Donald Rothberg
We review the core teaching of the Two Arrows in terms of individual practice, and then understand its application in the social context as exemplified by Dr. King's nonviolence.

2017-09-12 Year to Live (Class Series at Spirit Rock) 50:21
  Anna Douglas
Class #9
Year to Live with Anna Douglas (class at Spirit Rock)

2017-09-08 Friday Night Dharma and Recovery with Kevin Griffin 1:58:57
  Kevin Griffin
Angulimala and Forgiveness

2017-09-06 The Two Arrows 1 2:07:14
  Donald Rothberg
We explore the powerful teaching and how it might be understood and practiced, this week more in terms of individual inner practice, and next week, more in terms of interpersonal and social action.

2017-09-04 The Bodhisattva, Integration, and Next Steps 28:09
  Donald Rothberg
Near the end of the retreat, offering of some integrative reflections to help us each reflect on our next steps following our three-day retreat.
Buddhist Practice and Gandhian/Kingian Nonviolence Training

2017-09-04 Forgiveness Practice 51:10
  Donald Rothberg
A short talk on the nature of forgiveness, followed by instructions for one type of forgiveness practice, and then guidance in this practice.
Buddhist Practice and Gandhian/Kingian Nonviolence Training

2017-09-03 "Hatred Never Ceases by Hatred" (Retreat Version) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:46
  James Baraz
With so much greed and hatred and cruelty in our world, it is easy to react with anger and ill will; but that only adds to the negativity. There is a better way to respond and bring more consciousness to this situation leading to effective action.
Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat

2017-09-03 Forms of Meditation Practice in Nonviolence Training; Metta (Lovingkindness) Practice 46:39
  Donald Rothberg
First, there is a short account of the various types of meditative practice that complement more outwardly-oriented nonviolence training and that could constitute more inwardly-oriented nonviolence training. Then there is a brief introduction to metta practice, along with guidance in this practice.
Buddhist Practice and Gandhian/Kingian Nonviolence Training

2017-09-02 You are Beautiful as You Are (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:11
  Howard Cohn
You are not measurable or comparable. You are a unique beautiful expression of life.
Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat

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