The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2003-05-11 Relating With Emotions; Plus Mindfulness, Consciousness And Awareness 64:43
  Guy Armstrong
This is really 2 talks in one, the first suggests different ways to work with strong emotions in both vipassana and dzogchen styles. The second relates the qualities of mindfulness and consciousness as used in Pali Suttas to the innate awareness of rigpa.

2003-05-07 Teaching with Joan Borysenko 61:15
  Sylvia Boorstein

2003-04-30 Working Skillfully With The Paradox Of Connecting And Detaching 46:51
  Michele McDonald
Understanding how to work with love and longing, detachment and indifference.

2003-04-23 The Shamanic Heart 69:19
  Sylvia Boorstein

2003-04-21 Dealing with Other People's Suffering 54:16
  Darlene Cohen

2003-04-16 Let's All Get Liberated 26:32
  Sylvia Boorstein

2003-04-14 Big Band, The Buddha and the Baby Boom 1:19:21
  Wes Nisker

2003-04-09 5 Spiritual Faculties 65:26
  Sylvia Boorstein

2003-04-02 There Will Be a Next Fall 63:05
  Sylvia Boorstein

2003-03-25 Purity And Purification 52:46
  Guy Armstrong
A useful way to view the unfolding of practice is through the two truths, conventional and ultimate. The purity of our true nature is revealed until a conditioned pattern of mind is encountered. When met with acceptance, the pattern becomes purified.

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