The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-11-27 Mindfulness And Metta 49:54
  John Travis
The practice of mindfulness and heart.

2002-11-05 The Judging Mind 42:26
  Rodney Smith
Judgement is a defense against feeling inadequate. The belief in inadequacy is a defense against the fear of being nothing. The fear of being nothing is a defense against silence, in which our nothingness is confirmed.

2002-11-04 Not Mind, Not Buddha, Not Anything 69:14
  Norman Fischer

2002-11-03 Trusting the Process Of Awakening 53:39
  Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
Maps and poems from various traditions which remind us that awakening includes cycles of death and rebirth. How to trust and work with the difficult phases.

2002-10-30 Take Care 60:05
  Sylvia Boorstein

2002-10-21 Poetry, Beauty, & Art 65:40
  Jack Kornfield

2002-10-16 Working with Aversion with Q&A 1:11:14
  Mark Coleman

2002-10-11 Bringing the Dharma Home 13:09
  Ruth Denison
Incorporating the Dharma in everyday life. Dharma experiences from students and short guided metta.

2002-10-10 Impermanence 64:43
  Ruth Denison
A talk on death and how we meet it, the possibility of it each day.

2002-10-10 Stories On Death and Dying 46:48
  Ruth Denison
Integrating experiences of death and dying in daily life.

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