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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2018-09-15 Two Wings to Fly: Wisdom and Compassion as Embodied Practices 5:28:06
  Christiane Wolf

2018-09-14 The Mysterious Creative Process of Living and Dying (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 50:54
  Anna Douglas
Life and Death as a process of change and transformation.
Spirit of Creativity

2018-09-13 The Art of Freedom (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:26
  Nina Wise
Self expression as spiritual practice.
Spirit of Creativity

2018-09-12 The Seven Principles of Process Arts (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 52:45
  Stewart Cubley
In this talk, Stewart explores the seven essential principles of painting for process rather than product and how these principles relate to spiritual practice. Each principle is an invitation to a deeper connection to the creative source as well as a personal opportunity for greater authenticity.
Spirit of Creativity

2018-09-10 Metta (Loving Kindness) in the World 55:14
  John Martin

2018-09-03 Totally Great America - Monday night dharma talk 43:05
  Wes Nisker

2018-09-02 Transforming Suffering Into Happiness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:22
  James Baraz
Every moment of mindfulness we are weakening the forces of greed, hatred & delusion (roots of suffering) and strengthening the forces of non-greed (letting go & generosity), non-hatred (loving-kindness) and non-delusion (wisdom). This talk explains how that works.
Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat

2018-09-01 You Are Not A Problem To Be Solved (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 63:31
  Howard Cohn
Experiencing ourselves beyond our personality story and learning how to relate to our self view with wisdom and love.
Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat

2018-08-31 Going without Going (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:16
  Sharda Rogell
We wonderfully open to all aspects of our mind body experience wherever we go - not leaving ourselves behind.
Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat

2018-08-31 Metta 33:21
  James Baraz
Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat

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