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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2018-08-10 Day Four, Guided Kindness Meditation-Forgiveness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:48
  Tempel Smith
With the practice of Forgiveness Meditation, we release our hearts from the pain of resentment without losing a healthy sense of boundaries or accountability.
Insight for Young Adults

2018-08-10 How the Practice Works - Dharma and Recovery series 2:01:28
  Kevin Griffin

2018-08-10 Day Four, Instructional Sit (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 66:39
  JoAnna Hardy
Mindfulness of Thoughts and Emotions
Insight for Young Adults

2018-08-09 Beginning Insights of Vipassana Meditation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:06
  Tempel Smith
After even a few days of insight meditation, we can begin to see clearly that thoughts are only concepts in the present. We can also see the impermanent and ever changing conditional nature of all of our experiences.
Insight for Young Adults

2018-08-08 You Have the Paper Clip (Wise Effort) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:32
  JoAnna Hardy
The 4 wise efforts for Young Adult Retreat.
Insight for Young Adults

2018-08-08 Practicing with Difficulties and Challenges 2: The Eight Worldly Winds 63:20
  Donald Rothberg
After a review of the six ways of practicing with difficulties and challenges presented last week, we explore the important teaching of the “Eight Worldly Winds” that keep us caught in reactivity—pleasure and pain, gain and loss, fame and disrepute, and praise and blame. Working with this teaching gives us another very helpful lens for working with difficulties and also with our tendencies to grasp—onto pleasure, gain, fame, and praise. We suggest several ways of practicing with this teaching, as a further way to deepen and energize our practice.

2018-08-06 Monday Night Dharma Talk 2:14:48
  Mark Coleman

2018-08-04 Forgiveness in a Global Context (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 59:13
  Ajahn Nyaniko
Family Retreat at Spirit Rock

2018-08-03 The Present is a Gift 53:09
  Ofosu Jones-Quartey
A talk about the grace of the present moment and the possibility of becoming new; also touching on the trans formative power of love and forgiveness.
Family Retreat at Spirit Rock

2018-08-02 Parenting: Self, other, and Beyond (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 32:44
  Gil Fronsdal
Family Retreat at Spirit Rock

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