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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2022-08-28 Exploring the Nature of Awareness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 58:28
Mark Coleman
Loving Awareness: Meeting Reality with Wisdom and Kindness

2022-08-28 Falling in Love with the Breath: A Contemplation on a Concentration Retreat 54:58
Ramón Honea
BIPOC Voices - Series

2022-08-28 Compassion in the Midst of a Culture of Dominance (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 63:01
Leslie Booker
Talk on Compassion and Guided Meditation
Loving Awareness: Meeting Reality with Wisdom and Kindness

2022-08-27 Loving This Moment (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:50
Eugene Cash
This is the only moment there is! This is your life Now! What happens if you give yourself to that truth? What happens is we let go of everything else except Being here right now. We discover the magic of reality revealing itself in this moment. To love the moment includes all the variants of love: liking, appreciating, caring for, wondering about, become enthralled or magnetized by, curious about & illuminated by Now.
Loving Awareness: Meeting Reality with Wisdom and Kindness

2022-08-27 Experiencing the Body as Elements (retreat at Spirit Rock) 38:00
Leslie Booker
Morning Instructions on the first foundation of mindfulness.
Loving Awareness: Meeting Reality with Wisdom and Kindness

2022-08-26 Meeting the Hindrances with Faith (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 45:42
Leslie Booker
Centering the faith as the antidote to doubt, this talk takes us on a journey from bright faith, verified faith to unshakeable faith.
Loving Awareness: Meeting Reality with Wisdom and Kindness

2022-08-25 Planting Ourselves in the Impermanence 50:55
Grace Fisher
Begins with a 30m meditation followed by a Dharma Talk
Thursday Morning Women’s Group

2022-08-24 "I Teach Dukkha and the End of Dukkha"--1 69:18
Donald Rothberg
The Buddha, at the center of his teaching, taught "dukkha and the end of dukkha." Yet it is not always clear either what "dukkha" means in this context or what "the end of dukkha" means. In this talk, we explore this core teaching in several ways. First, we distinguish four different meanings of "dukkha" that can be seen in the discourses of the Buddha, only the last of which, interpreted as "reactivity," helps us to make sense of the "end of dukkha." (See the attached PDF file.) This meaning of dukkha can be reconstructed from two core teachings, the "Two Arrows" and Dependent Origination (see the attached PDF file). We then look at several ways of practicing with reactivity, including understanding and working with the common complexity of there frequently being some kind of insight or something important being "mixed" with reactivity, as, for example, when I am very reactive about injustice.
Monday and Wednesday Talks
Attached Files:
  • Four Meanings of Dukkha by Donald Rothberg (PDF)
  • The Sequence of Contact to Grasping in the Buddha’s Teaching on Dependent Origination by Donald Rothberg (PDF)

2022-08-24 Guided Meditation Exploring Feeling-Tone and Reactivity 37:48
Donald Rothberg
After brief basic meditation instructions related to stabilizing attention with an anchor, and then being present to the anchor or whatever else is predominant, there is a 10-minute period of stabilizing. Then there is guidance related to noticing a moderate or greater level of the pleasant or unpleasant (as long as it is workable), staying with the sense of pleasant or unpleasant, noticing any tendencies to reactivity (wanting and grasping, or not wanting and pushing away, at the levels of body, emotions, and/or thoughts). Near the end, there is some further guidance on staying with moderately unpleasant sensations for 2 minutes or so.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-08-23 Breathing In and Out in All Conditions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:11
Tempel Smith
At the beginning of breath awareness practice we can feel our attention is either with the breath or distracted. As we deepen out faith and dedication to mindfulness of breathing we learn to breath in and breath out in all conditions. The breath becomes a sanctuary to accompany us in all conditions.
Cultivating Concentration

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