The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-06-10 Cascading Pools of Metta 45:26
  Guy Armstrong

2001-05-27 The Eight Worldly Conditions 57:41
  Guy Armstrong
Our lives are always touched by the changing conditions of gain and loss, praise and blame, pleasure and pain, success and failure. How the meditator finds refuge in not clinging.

2001-05-23 The Buddha Knows The Dhamma 61:49
  Guy Armstrong
Our deepest nature is a purified awareness like the Buddha's. This awareness has the power to know and liberate the phenomena of afflictive emotions.

2001-05-20 You Are the Buddha 64:48
  Howard Cohn

2001-05-07 Who Are You Really? 60:10
  Jack Kornfield
An inquiry into the essence of who we really are, accepting and honoring the totality of ourselves.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2001-05-02 You Are the Buddha 60:41
  Howard Cohn

2001-05-02 When Things Don't Go Our Way 49:52
  Michele McDonald
Instead of pretending to be okay when our beautiful dreams get blown apart, can we learn to respond with compassion, ease and balance?

2001-04-30 The Teaching of Ajahn Chah 63:04
  Jack Kornfield

2001-04-29 Buddhism and the Red Road 30:09
  John Travis

2001-04-29 Refuge 52:22
  Christina Feldman
Taking refuge is an invitation to explore our inner capacity for awakening wisdom and compassion.

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