The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2000-10-08 Opening the Heart Of Compassion 63:05
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
Stories and practice of compassion.

2000-10-01 10 Perfections 62:17
Jack Kornfield

2000-09-25 The Third Noble Truth 49:10
Eugene Cash

2000-09-04 Labor Of Love - Right Livelihood 57:43
Jack Kornfield
A Labor Day talk on right livelihood: what is our attitude to the work of our life?
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2000-08-26 Knower And Known 54:37
Christopher Titmuss
The knower needs the heart to pursue the known. What is the knowing that goes beyond knower and known?
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2000-08-24 The Personality And Beyond 47:06
Christopher Titmuss
Development of the mind is a minor detail of Dharma life. What matters lies outside the personality.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2000-08-23 Wise Restraint - A Personal Journey 44:55
Sharda Rogell
Our search for comfort, security and contentment shapes our world yet eludes us. How can we find true happiness--the happiness of the Buddha.

2000-08-21 Free Your Mind! 51:13
Christopher Titmuss
Finding here and now, freedom of the mind and freedom for tendencies.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2000-08-14 The Dharma According to Dante Pt 1 39:00
Phillip Moffitt

2000-07-29 Nurturing Our Aspiration For Freedom In Daily Life 55:40
Michele McDonald
Inspiration for deepening our daily life and spiritual practice.

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