The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1999-12-20 Compassion 61:14
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor

1999-11-29 Flower Sermon 2.0 - Missing 1st 10 Minutes 55:35
Gil Fronsdal

1999-11-29 The Sudden And Startling Arising Of Wisdom 56:43
Sylvia Boorstein
an unusual presentation of the seven factors of enlightenment

1999-11-23 The Process Of Awakening: Five Spiritual Faculties 59:42
James Baraz
Faith, effort, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom build on each other in a natural development. Understanding their relationship gives us a map for how the meditation process unfolds.

1999-10-14 Three Trainings, Three Freedoms 56:46
Jack Kornfield
the discovery and awakening of natural integrity, stillness and transcendent wisdom

1999-10-13 Perpendicular Universe 39:04
Rodney Smith
we live in our imaginary world at the expense of an all encompassing now.

1999-09-26 The Four Noble Truths And The Four Practices Of Mindfulness 56:34
Jack Kornfield
given at the first annual People of Color retreat at the Spirit Rock. The Noble Truths with a perspective on diversity

1999-09-23 Renunciation 50:56
Guy Armstrong
simplicity of action shows the roots of suffering

1999-09-15 Focus Of Vipassana Practice 1:17:41
Ajahn Amaro
At the end of our search, there is nothing more to do but rejoice in being the knowing.

1999-09-14 Non Meditating 1:15:30
Ajahn Amaro
Genuine acceptance of our experiences means a spaciousness and ease around even the most difficult states that allows for their transformation.

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