The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1986-01-02 All We Need To Know 60:13
  Jack Kornfield
beyond "all knowing" there is wisdom, freedom and compassion to be found in every heart

1985-03-01 Practice In Daily Life: Right Understanding 55:28
  Jack Kornfield
Knowing the possibility of awakening, in this very life of ours our journey begins.

1984-10-01 Practice In Daily Life: Right Concentration 57:27
  Jack Kornfield
The art of steadying our attention brings an ease of well-being and leads to deeper levels of insight and connectedness.

1984-09-01 Daily Life Situation: California Retreat 41:13
  Christopher Titmuss
Monday and Wednesday Talks

1984-09-01 Practice In Daily Life: Right Effort 40:55
  Jack Kornfield
Right effort means directing the energy of our lives to cultivate those states of mind that lead to happiness.

1984-08-01 Practice In Daily Life: Right Speech 41:10
  Jack Kornfield
Lovingly refining our speech, we discover the freedom of relating in truth and in trust.

1984-08-01 Practice In Daily Life: Right Action 43:06
  Jack Kornfield
Who we are is what we do and how we act; right action is aligning our actions with our understanding.

1984-08-01 Practice In Daily Life: Right Livelihood 44:37
  Jack Kornfield
Right livelihood is integrity in the arena of work - expressing our wish to not harm, abuse or exploit.

1984-07-01 Practice In Daily Life: Right Attitude 41:40
  Jack Kornfield
Cultivating right attitude gives us the resolve to use every opportunity to overcome our limiting beliefs and behaviors.

1983-04-15 Opening Life's Mystery 58:21
  Alan Clements
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)

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