The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1993-05-03 The Nature Of Mind II 67:04
Jack Kornfield
Two tape set with Sogyal Rinpoche on meditation and the nature of mind.

1993-04-21 Transforming Suffering Into Happiness 61:59
James Baraz
Cultivating an open heart through the Dharma.
In collection Happiness And Joy

1993-04-15 Poetry, Beauty And Art 55:43
Jack Kornfield
Appreciating the harmony and beauty in our lives.

1993-04-11 Self No Self 44:52
Gil Fronsdal
Embracing this core of the teachings without abandoning personal responsibility.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)

1993-03-29 Advice From The Dalai Lama 57:37
Jack Kornfield
Stories from the Dalai Lama gathering which offer perspective on universal practice.

1993-03-08 Freedom And Attachment 50:40
Jack Kornfield
An invitation to wise reflection, what do the words freedom, attachment and letting go really mean to us?

1993-02-22 Who Are You, Wanderer? 60:01
Jack Kornfield
Accepting and honoring the totality of ourselves.

1993-01-25 Introduction To Vipassana Practice 53:29
Sylvia Boorstein
embracing the interrelationship between vipassana and metta practice

1993-01-22 Working With The Hindrances 60:04
Sylvia Boorstein
Looking at the difficult obscuring energies of mind.
In collection Working With The Hard Stuff

1992-12-29 Roots Of Buddhist Psychology 54:34
Jack Kornfield
Exploring the single taste of freedom, the basis of Buddhist psychology.

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