The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2003-07-25 Four Kinds Of Happiness From Insight Meditation 64:42
Steven Smith
The four vipassana jhanas and the resulting happiness: seclusion, concentration, contentment, wisdom and equanimity.
Steven Smith Review

2003-07-23 A Mind Like a Deer 1:10:05
Sylvia Boorstein

2003-07-22 4 Brahma Viharas 52:33
Sharon Salzberg

2003-07-21 Mindfulness And Supporting Spiritual Virtues 66:45
Steven Smith
Introduced by gratitude to teachers and lineage. Followed by a thorough description of mindfulness and the four foundations of mindfulness. Concluded by how to support skillful states of faith and courageous energy.
Steven Smith Review

2003-07-19 Four Protective Reflections 55:29
Steve Armstrong
Skillful use of thought to support and protect practice. Cultivating commitment, tolerance, dispassion and urgency.

2003-07-16 The Five Spiritual Faculties 52:33
Donald Rothberg

2003-07-16 5 Spiritual Faculties 59:09
Donald Rothberg

2003-07-09 On Consoling & Being Consoled 61:05
Sylvia Boorstein

2003-07-07 Sex and the Dharma Pt 1 65:03
Eugene Cash

2003-06-30 Evolution in the Revolution 54:40
Wes Nisker

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