The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1996-02-16 Balance In Practice 50:25
Sylvia Boorstein
ORIG POOR QUAL: Responding to the moment with a zealous ease.

1996-02-14 Happy 20Th Birthday Ims-Experiencing The Seven Factors 63:50
Sylvia Boorstein
Celebrating a variety of dharma topics.

1996-02-11 Right Effort: Strive On With Diligence 60:46
Sylvia Boorstein
Understanding the possibilities and potentials of practice.
In collection Right Effort

1996-02-07 Lovingkindness: The Natural State Of The Heart 62:45
Sylvia Boorstein
ORIG POOR QUALITY Resting in the open loving heart.
In collection Force Of Metta

1996-02-04 Dog In The Road - Hindrances And Their Antidotes 62:23
Sylvia Boorstein
Learning to explore the difficult terrain within.

1996-01-03 Acceptance and Mindfulness 59:29
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
Accepting reality as it is with openness and gentleness.

1995-12-04 Resolving Conflict 53:21
Jack Kornfield
Can we really live a wise and compassionate life?

1995-11-28 Faith And Confidence 53:55
Sylvia Boorstein
Life may be incomprehensible, but it is embraceable.

1995-11-23 Buddha Soup 42:54
Sylvia Boorstein
Remembering our capacities: a recipe for living.

1995-11-06 What Keeps Us Awake And Happy with Jack Kornfield 61:17
Sylvia Boorstein
Moving gracefully in the midst of life.

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