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gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1999-03-20 Lifelong Heart-Healing 65:16
Sylvia Boorstein
This Dharma talk given at the end of a 6-week retreat is about remembering what we are doing here, moving into the middle of our lives so we can see clearly, and paying attention so that we don't miss an opportunity for an awakened heart. Sylvia encourages us not to coast to the finish line, but to do the work we came to do in order to manifest an awakened heart. She also discusses healing from mistakes.

1999-03-15 Faith and Awareness 55:59
Guy Armstrong

1999-03-14 The Liberating News Of Impermanence 53:41
Sylvia Boorstein
Everything arises and passes away, like the breath. How to not be frightened by this or experience "existential angst" from inevitable loss in connection is often what brings us into practice. Liberation is in the heart that is wide enough to hold joy as well as the greatest pain of loss. In managing inevitable loss, we become kinder, softer, gentler and much more careful. To liberate "fixed point of view," we stay awake and attentive, always open for new insights to our stories about ourselves and others. Views change, bodies change, relationships change, but what does not change is the capacity of the heart to respond with compassion and lovingkindness.

1999-03-11 Practical People make a Peaceful World 57:19
Howard Cohn

1999-03-08 Motivation In Practice 59:19
Guy Armstrong
finding a motivation that does not stop short

1999-03-07 Always Beginning Again 61:32
Sylvia Boorstein
inspiration for beginning and continuing practice

1999-03-02 In the Seen, Just the Seen 66:44
Eugene Cash

1999-03-01 Karma 54:01
Guy Armstrong

1999-02-28 The Dharma Of Horton 57:07
Sylvia Boorstein
teachings of patience, which lead to compassion and wisdom

1999-02-26 Abilities We All Share 58:32
Marie Mannschatz
the five spiritual faculties

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