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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
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2022-08-10 Relaxing the Edges of Time: Four Cardinal Teachings for a Lifetime of Practice 69:59
Heidi Bourne
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-08-07 Generosity - Our Innate Nature 59:25
Pawan Bareja
BIPOC Voices - Series

2022-08-03 August 3rd Dharma Talk 1:49:21
Sylvia Boorstein
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-08-03 Morning sit with instruction (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 59:53
Matthew Brensilver
Guided Meditation: Attitude, Attention, Awareness
Young Adult Insight Meditation Retreat

2022-08-03 Lungta: Riding the Windhorse 49:45
Ari Lathuras
Spirit Rock - Rainbow Sangha

2022-08-01 Monday Night Dharma Talk - Embodiment and the Dharma Continuum 59:21
Margarita Loinaz

2022-07-31 I'm Not Ok. You are not Ok. That's Ok. 1:10:59
Nolitha Tsengiwe
BIPOC Voices - Series

2022-07-28 Self-Care for Parents Dharma Talk (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 50:04
Diana Winston
Most parents are exhausted, over-committed, guilty, and burnt out. This talk explores how to increase our capacity for self-care using principles of the dharma. We explore the challenging voices that prevent us from being self-compassionate, and how we can work with them. We then talk about how to increase "outer self-care" -- practical things parents can do, and then "inner self care"-- increasing joy as a radical act and finding a depth of well-being no matter what is happening in life.
The Family Retreat

2022-07-27 Developing Equanimity and Compassion Together 68:53
Donald Rothberg
We begin by examining again the nature of equanimity, identifying seven core qualities of equanimity, including a kind of faith or confidence, illustrated with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s account of his midnight "cup of coffee" experience. We point to two typical distortions of equanimity--being overly cool and cut off some from the awakened heart, and disconnecting from action. We then look at the nature of compassion, and see how the development of compassion helps us to respond to these two distortions. In a parallel way, we see how several typical distortions of compassion, such as pity (the "near enemy"), burnout, and confusion (or lack of wisdom), are remedied by the development of equanimity! Together, they help us develop wisdom and the awakened heart, supported by courage (as we learn from the Vietnamese Buddhist tradition).
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-07-27 A Guided Meditation Cultivating Equanimity and Compassion 37:48
Donald Rothberg
After basic instructions in (1) settling and stabilizing attention, and (2) practicing mindfulness, there is 5-minute period of settling and stabilizing. Then there are several practice suggestions for cultivating equanimity, especially by noticing and exploring reactivity and any appearances of the "Eight Worldly Winds." After another 10 minutes or so, there is also guidance in two main ways of developing compassion, through opening in mindfulness to what is difficult or painful, and through a three-step self-compassion practice from Kristin Neff.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

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