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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
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2019-11-18 Day 6: Conventional and Liberating Truths (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:26
  Brian Lesage
This talk explores the two truths doctrine of Nagarjuna in a way that makes it relevant for our lives and our practice.
APP2 Retreat #2: Emptiness

2019-11-15 Day 3: Selfing & Freedom from Selfing (Retreat at Spirit Rock): Afternoon Session 55:40
  Susie Harrington
The activity of selfing is dukkha. Freedom from selfing is onward leading towards liberation.
APP2 Retreat #2: Emptiness

2019-11-14 Day 2 Emptiness and Dependent Origination (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 49:45
  Brian Lesage
This talk connects the teachings on dependent origination and emptiness. It then connects them to our lives and our practice.
APP2 Retreat #2: Emptiness

2019-11-14 Day 2 Afternoon Session 62:07
  Gil Fronsdal
Repeated Question Experience on Inconstancy
APP2 Retreat #2: Emptiness

2019-11-13 Taking Refuge in the Dharma as an Expression of Love 1:57:43
  Heidi Bourne
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2019-11-11 Monday Night Dharma Talk 1:54:28
  Mark Coleman

2019-11-10 Coming Home to Wisdom - Women's Day Retreat 6:17:44
  Kate Munding

2019-11-09 Restoring Well-Being with QiGong and Meditation 6:07:47
  Teja Fudo Myoo Bell

2019-11-08 Dharma and Recovery 1:51:38
  Kevin Griffin

2019-11-08 Minding the Body - Somatic Exploration of Emotions (part 2 afternoon) 3:21:31
  Jill Satterfield

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