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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2000-04-24 Emptiness: Poetry Of Nagarjuna 67:54
Jack Kornfield
An evening talk shared with Stephen Batchelor. Speaking from Batchelor's book of poetic translations, Verses From the Center: A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime.

2000-04-19 Attachment To Views 59:47
Carol Wilson
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)

2000-04-17 Compassion 62:57
Zachoegye Rinpoche

2000-04-14 The Possibility Of Inner Contentment 49:26
Carol Wilson
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)

2000-04-13 The Hindrances 44:58
Arinna Weisman
The possibility of the "highest peace" and the obstacles which cover it.

2000-03-21 On Not Knowing 59:25
Jack Kornfield
Learning to rest in mystery, wisdom, and not knowing.

2000-02-26 Questions And Answers 61:07
James Baraz

2000-02-25 A Path With Heart 56:26
James Baraz
Cultivating a heart-felt motivation toward practice, and the different ways we can express this essential connection.

2000-02-24 No One There At All 57:56
Sylvia Boorstein
Practicing the Insight of Anatta to promote the arising of the no-self.

2000-02-21 Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 56:58
Jack Kornfield
Tasting the freedom of reconnecting with the openness and luminosity of mind that is our true nature.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

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