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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
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2022-05-29 Including body sensations and sounds in the field of awareness. (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:58
James Baraz
After establishing our anchor or home base in the meditation we can expand the field beyond the breath to skillfully include other body sensations and sounds.
Awakening Joy and Wellbeing

2022-05-28 Awakening Joy as a Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 58:17
James Baraz
In his teaching on The Four Wise Efforts, the Buddha taught us to maintain and increase wholesome states (kusala) when they arise. This talk explains how to make that a central part of our practice.
Awakening Joy and Wellbeing

2022-05-28 Getting Started: Learning the Basics of Mindfulness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:05
Diana Winston
This first day instructions guides students who are just starting out with their practice. We learn to find our meditation anchor and work with distraction.
Awakening Joy and Wellbeing

2022-05-26 Call for Heart Warriors 51:33
Grace Fisher
Begins with 30m meditation followed by Dharma Talk
Thursday Morning Women’s Group

2022-05-25 Exploring the Nature of Self (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:08
Mark Coleman
How nature reveals the ephemeral, impermanent, interconnected nature of who we are.
Finding Refuge, Finding Home: A Retreat in Nature

2022-05-25 Practicing with Fear 3 66:03
Donald Rothberg
We start by acknowledging the mass shooting in Texas that occurred yesterday, in the context of our practicing with fear, following up an earlier guided meditation and sharing (not recorded) related to the shooting. We then look generally at the three core ways of practicing with fear, going into some depth on each: (1) cultivating mindfulness and clear seeing (wisdom), (2) working with the heart practices, and (3) acting skillfully. We then focus on how the process of awakening typically involves at each new stage an opening to fear, and also mention some of the dynamics of the "Dark Night of the Soul." Lastly, we look at how to explore and work with fear related to our social world, in terms of the three ways of practicing with fear. There follows a period of discussion.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-05-24 The Experience of Dukkha 48:11
Jaya Rudgard
How dukkha is a natural feature of life. When we learn to decondition reactivity, it becomes a gateway to freedom.
Finding Refuge, Finding Home: A Retreat in Nature

2022-05-23 Dancing with the Way Things Are: Impermanence 53:45
Susie Harrington
Impermanence is the nature of things, in our practice we have the opportunity to see it and learn to dance with this fundamental aspect of our experience.
Finding Refuge, Finding Home: A Retreat in Nature

2022-05-23 Monday Night Dharma Talk 43:34
Amana Brembry Johnson

2022-05-19 Love as the Default Position of the Mind 51:07
Matthew Brensilver
Spring Insight Meditation Retreat

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